How Bardi Designs Can Help You

Bardi Designs Prides itself on Turn-Key Interior Design Services. We are typically the first ones in  and the last ones out on your project. We specialize in Interior Design,  Renovation, New Construction, and Adult Community Living.

Bardi Designs works closely with Architects, Builders, and Home Owners. Bardi Designs works with several manufacturers that are to the trade only but we also create and design custom pieces to fit any specific need. From ottomans to headboards, to sofas, and upholstered walls. We make one of a kind pieces that are perfect for your space.


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Owner and Principal Designer, Allied ASID

"Interior Design is Not Just a Luxury. It's a Necessity."

Betsy Bardi is a true believer that your environment affects everything about your mood, your ability to work, and your ability to relax. Your interior design is also a personal and creative reflection of you as an individual.

Betsy knew from a very young age that Interior Design was where she thrived and wanted to pursue in life. She graduated from East Carolina University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. Since then, she's gained experience by working in many facets of the interior design industry. These include private firms, design centers, showrooms, and retail. All of these paths have led her here to running her own custom residential interior design firm. Betsy believes there is enormous strength in design freedom and having access to anything in the world that you need to complete a project.

Betsy's own Interior Design has no restrictions! She thrives on listening to her clients' needs and translating those needs into something beautiful that they love. Her goals are to please the client, stretch them a bit and present new and exciting ideas they may not have come up with on their own.

Through accurate space planning, architectural detailing, pre-construction, and use of scale and color she strives to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to both the client and the designer.

In her free time Betsy loves to spend time with her Family which includes her husband, two children, and her pup! She also loves to travel, drink coffee, cook (when time allows), and explore new exciting destinations for Design Inspiration. International Travel carries heavy influence on a lot of her Interior Design.



Lead Designer, Adult Community Division

"A Well-Designed Space Improves Your Life"

Interior design done well is practical, functional, beautiful, and makes you happy! If you can walk into your home and like what you see every day, your designer has done a good job. 

Lynne Garguilo has been designing interiors for more than 20 years.  She attended NC State School of Design.  Her experience has been in both management and design for high-end retail furniture brands, as well as managing a custom fabric, drapery, and upholstery showroom.  Lynne also worked as an independent designer running her own design business for a number of years.  

Lynne enjoys getting to know clients, their lifestyles, and what works best for them.  She then takes that information and uses it to create an environment that reflects their personality.  She loves to add an element of surprise: something different that makes each room unique is always her goal.  Lynne is a true believer that the process of creating your environment should be Fun and rewarding for both client and designer!  

Her goal is to satisfy our clients as well as to provide a productive, satisfying experience that exceeds their expectations!

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Rachael Hoffman

Junior Designer

Rachael loves to create spaces that capture the spirit of the client, while providing a beautiful and practical space. For as long as she can remember Rachael knew she wanted to pursue interior design, and in 2018 she graduated from Meredith College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. So far in her career she has had experiences with different designers in all parts of the industry, including commercial design, office systems furniture,and retail. However, she has preferred residential design because of the personal touches that can help transform a house into your home. Rachael is a believes creating a space should be exciting for all parties, and wants the client to enjoy the experience. Outside of design Rachael enjoys traveling, so far her favorite destination she traveled to is Nova Scotia. She also enjoys spending time outside, weather it be hiking, swimming, or playing with her puppy.

Kristen Baker

Bookkeeper/Office Administrator

I graduated from East Carolina University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I always knew I wanted to work in a place that allowed creative expression and helped clients or customers achieve their goals-whatever those may be. I ended up in the design industry by luck and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I've learned that I thoroughly enjoy watching a project evolve and I love being there through the process from beginning to end. I believe communication is important in any industry and I do my best here to make sure that there’s constant flow of conversation between our clients and our firm. I also help ensure that the process of ordering and receiving items is as painless as possible. My overall goal is to lend a helping hand wherever it’s needed, and to make sure that at the end of your project you are happy and satisfied in your new space. In my free time, I love spending time with my family at my beach house and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy reading, hiking and drinking coffee.


Helene Winter

Lead Designer, Adult Community Division South Carolina 

Helene earned a design degree from O’More College of Design in Franklin, Tennessee. She was raised in France and Germany and lived in Israel for a time, experiences that greatly influence her design perspective. After graduation, she worked as an architectural and kitchen designer in Chicago for several years, completing projects for many clients, some of whom are well-known sports figures. Since moving to the East coast, Helene has worked at multiple retail locations in addition to owning her own design business. Helene helps clients find one piece (or several pieces) that they love and then builds a design around those pieces. When clients fall in love with a finished design, she knows she has succeeded.